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IDD Waiver Services

What is the IDD Waiver?

The Intellectual Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities Waiver (ID/DD) is a statewide program, administered by the Division of Medicaid and operated jointly with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. It is designed to off er assistance and services for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities to enable them to remain in a home or community-based setting.

Who is Eligible?

To qualify for the ID/DD Waiver, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

• There are no age restrictions.

• You must require the same level of care as someone applying for admission to an intermediate care facility for those with an intellectual/developmental disability.


You must qualify for Medicaid in one of the following categories of eligibility (COE):

• Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

• Disabled Child Living at Home Program • Women and children under age 19, up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level

• Protected foster care adolescent

• Foster children and adoption assistance children

• Aged, blind, or disabled individuals whose income is under 300 percent of the SSI limit for an individual

• Disabled Adult Child

How To access IDD Services

 To access ID/DD Waiver services, Contact the appropriate ID/DD Regional Centers to arrange for an evaluation. When a person is determined to meet the same level of care criteria as someone applying for admission to an institution, he/she has the option to have his/her name placed on the ID/DD Waiver Planning List. Before the individual can be enrolled from the Planning List, he/she must be determined eligible for Medicaid. If a person meets the requirements for enrollment in the ID/DD Waiver, his/her Support Coordinator from the ID/DD Regional Center will assist in developing a Plan of Care for the individual.  The Plan of Care will outline the type and amount of ID/DD Waiver services a person is requesting.  The individual must also indicate his/her choice of a provider for each service. The request must be approved by the Bureau of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (BIDD).  The individual will be notified of the type and amount of service BIDD approves on the Plan of Care.  At that point, the Support Coordinator will notify the chosen agency that the person has been approved to receive services and services will begin.

Support Coordination

Support Coordination services coordinate and monitor all services an individual on the ID/DD Waiver receives, regardless of funding source, to ensure services are adequate, appropriate, meet the individual’s needs, and ensure the individual’s health and welfare needs are met. Support Coordinators are also responsible for ensuring an annual re-evaluation of each individual’s level of care is performed in order to ensure ongoing eligibility for the program.

We provide an initial visit "meet & greet" so that we are able to meet the Individual and family so that administration fully understands the services needed. We will implement the same visit with the nurse/Cna/DSP so that they understand your expectations before caring for your loved one. At this time necessary paperwork will be filled out to complete the process.

Services We Provide

In-Home Nursing Respite

is provided for persons who require skilled nursing services, as prescribed by a physician or nurse practitioner, in the absence of the primary caregiver.

Home and Community Support

This service is generally provided a few hours per day to assist an eligible individual with activities such as bathing, meal preparation, eating, dressing, shopping, leisure activities, community integration, and light housekeeping.

In Home Respite

provides temporary, periodic relief to those persons normally providing care for the eligible person.

Coming Soon..

Supervised Living

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