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Private Duty Nursing

Embracing Hearts Healthcare provides physician ordered comprehensive skilled nursing care to medically fragile and/or technology dependent children with complex medical conditions, between the ages of birth through 21.

Upon Admission to EHH an individualized plan for care will be developed in order to meet the medical, nursing, psychosocial and therapy needs of a child. Our Agency will provide excellent skilled nursing by providing constant assessments of your child so that abnormal findings are immediately reported to the child's physician to prevent further complications. 

Our services are guided by our values, experience and long history in the Southwest MC Community. We at EHH know that children are best taken care of surrounded by loved ones in the comfort of their home. Together with our highly trained staff we will strive to create the opportunity for parents and caregivers to return to work, school, or whatever the need may be. We understand the importance of parents having confidence in their provider and that their child is getting the care they need by skilled nurses.

How Services are Provided

A Physicians Order is required for our services.

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Our highly trained staff will asses your child's eligibility and and coordinate with insurance and physician for approval.

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​Referrals for pediatric skilled  nursing services can be initiated by physicians, hospitals, health clinics, individuals, family members and others.

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*Upon approval MS Medicaid covers the full cost of care.

Common Children Conditions & Needs, but not limited to

  • Cardiac Diseases or Defects

  • Respiratory Disorders

  • Chronic Lung Diseases

  • Tube Feedings

  • Colostomy Care

  • Genetic Disorders

  • Failure to Thrive

  • Tracheostomy Care

  • Orthopedic Conditions

  • Post-Operative Care

  • Post Traumatic Injuries

  • G tube Care

  • Catheter Care

  • Medication Administration

  • Complications of Prematurity

  • Oncological/Hematological Disorders

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Dermatological Disorders

Step by Step Guide


We provide an initial visit "meet & greet" so that we are able to meet the child and family so that administration fully understands the services needed. We will implement the same visit with the nurse so that the nurse understands your expectations before caring for your child. At this time necessary paperwork will be filled out to complete the process.


After the initial assessment, your nurse will arrive at your home to provide hourly care and communicate to your physician. You'll be assisted with medical care needs and learn how to take care for your child.


Your Private Duty Nurse will document the care process as needed to provide you with notes on the care child received. You'll then be asked to sign off on this notes.


You'll receive a detail nursing schedule with your nurses names and shifts assigned from one of our RN Coordinators.

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